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We're all Mad...Peas! The Lost Mine Hunt

**There are 27 pictures in this post but it's so worth it!

Mad Peas did it again, or that's what I hear. They hosted another hunt, alongside Dwarfins. I had never done a MadPeas Hunt before and I missed the last one so I waited very excited for this one. They Really did do it again. A lot of people, I saw in the group chat, felt this was one of their best hunts to date! Before I go on let me tell you a thing or 2.

MadPeas is a group of people who focus in making fun experiences in world for Secondlifers. They don't just stop at hunts either. They've held single events and participated in others and have even held their own gatcha events!

They are a serious boredom buster! Links below for you can show you to their Flickr where you can see photos others have posted from their events, a Facebook page to follow if Facebook is your thing, a blog to follow, and also a Youtube with trailers and videos of their past and current events.

MadPea Flickr
MadPea Facebook
MadPea Blog
MadPea Youtube
MadPea Inworld Group


This SLURL ----> click me
will take Mad City. There you can start the hunt. This is not your typical hunt where you hop from store to store and look for an object with a prize. This is MUCH better.

You purchase the necessary HUD which is only 150L. Pocket change. Add that sucker. It will ask to teleport you, say yes. Don't worry it doesn't take you anywhere right away but it's a useful tool during the hunt (the teleport that is since the HUD is needed to even to do the hunt.) Also be sure to add that bag it comes with because that holds useful items you are going to find during your hunt and need.

On the same wall of awesome that you purchase your HUD is a few other shopping options you might find awesome and want to buy (I recommend it actually!). There are Dwarfin avatars for those who like changing of the avatars, or Roleplay. There are tiny little Dwarfin followers that are soooo cute (unless they prefer to be called beautiful and handsome). The Hint giver for the first part of the hunt is also on there (more on that in a second). Do you want to do the hunt as an adorable MadPea? Good News, you can! There are 2 vendors (boy and girl) for a MadPea Avatar. It comes with it's own bag too.

There is a gatcha machine a few meters away from the shopping board that lets you try for tools that go on your MadPea avatars backpack.

Don't want to be a Pea? That's ok too (just remember to have that bag attached)! I dressed up, after playing around as a pea, in the Inner Peace Hunger Games Training uniform to do the hunt because nothing is more comfortable and perfect for an adventure!

Now the first thing you are going to be doing is looking for is crumpled map pieces. This part could take a bit or very little time at all. Partly due to the fact that they are spread ALL OVER Mad City. This includes the city and the parks. That's A LOT of space and that's also A LOT of map pieces.

The map pieces look like the one below.

All you need to do when you find one is click on it. It will add a piece to your map! Now hurry and find the rest of the map pieces! NOW, "that's A LOT of pieces" you might say...or "ugh I am AWFUL at hunts....this would take me a week" (and frankly you don't have a week at this point in the month). Never fear! Remember that helper I was telling you about earlier? This is where he comes in handy!? As far as I could tell he will only work in Mad City but honestly that is the only super hard part you need him for. After you add the cute little girl or boy pea, click on them and they will remind you every few seconds how close you are to a map piece. They will even give you an estimate of meters (under 10m.....greater than 20....fewer than 15). Ever so helpful is the little pea and just how cute!
(I've lovingly nicknamed her Miss Peabody *snicker*)

When you've collected all those map pieces click the map. It will magically (like dissapparating!) teleport you to the Dwarfin sim and the entrance to *GASP* a mine!? whoa! I need to get in there! Unfortunately that door is not budging and there are some holes in that door. (very adventurey!)

"How do I get in the door Audra?" you might ask. "Why did you make me do all that work for a locked door!?" you might accuse. Hey, calm your person, I would NOT do that to you! The hunt is not over my friend! JEWELS! (not not to sell! Pull those back out of your bag silly!) There are jewels hidden around the sim in piles of dirt. Run around, walk around, skip, hop, dance, I don't care. Those dirt piles could be ANYWHERE. In the Dwarfin town (I recommend you check that out), the forest (definitely check that out), and even right there in front of you! Below is what they look like.

Be sure to take your time if you have it because you will find some awesome scenes on the sim. Pictures below of some that I enjoyed.

Once you have all the jewels (you will see them on your map on a cool looking mini door) go back to the door! Too far? click that map! (see teleporting does come in handy!)
click the door and MAGIC happens. One of the things i loved most about this hunt was the effects. look at how this door opens (or skip over it quickly if you prefer to enjoy it when you go do the hunt)

Ok now that you were auto-teleported again it's time for stage 3 of this hunt! In this mine are hanging frames with another type of gem in them. You must go through the mine (the many layers of mine) search and also solve puzzles for all the gems in the circle (that will also appear on your map so you know which ones you've gotten).
Be sure to enjoy the mine while you are looking for the gems! There are some funny characters and beautiful scenes!

When you've gotten all your gem pieces there is a mine shaft. Ride it.

TREASURE! We did it!!!

Click each of those treasure chests for your well earned prize graciously donated by many awesome vendors! Some include, Alouette, MadPea, Dwarfins, and Collage. Poses, prefabs, and decor are just a few things you will find in them! If you liked the hunt and want to support the awesomeness that MadPea is doing I would highly suggest donating (there are donation "jars" in Mad City, and in the treasure room).

For funsies I took 2 pictures of 2 items I liked from the treasure chest :

So take that Slurl above and enjoy the hunt and the scenery! I hope i didn't spoil too much! There is a story (I did not share so you can enjoy it) and so much scenery to take in and not to mention Mad City has stores to spend money in! If my post was not enough help on how to begin I suggest checking out this blog post by MadPea on how to get started!

You have 7 days left to go try the hunt! That's plenty of time so hop down quickly and get started! It ends the 30th of April!

Wondering what's next in store for MadPea? BEHOLD! A helpful sign!

<3 Audra Graves

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