Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter!! An Event by RFL, Larnia Kids, and Blueberry Hill!

One of the things I love about Easter is the Easter egg hunts. I love hunts so those are right up my alley! Relay For Life team "Dreamin' in Purple", sponsored by Larnia Kids & Blueberry Hill, is hosting a sim-wide Easter egg hunt with 15 eggs to find. the prizes are really cool and some even have gift cards! They've decorated the WHOLE sim Easter with Bebe Buttons doing activities and little half-hatched chicks getting into things!

I grabbed one of the 10 different Easter baskets they have for sale. The purple held one and the mouthie one each support RFL. Once I was ready and took a good look at the Easter egg making machine I started my search. Before you head out grab one of the free Hint Notecards to help you in your search!

Throughout the sim and the search for eggs there are MANY photo ops. so keep an eye out for those!

When you reach the end of the hunt the Easter Bunny is waiting for you and he has some built in poses for some great photos!!

If you couldn't tell from the whole blog entry, this event has so many chances for photos! Bring your family and friends and have fun! I had fun just doing it alone imagine doing it with more people!!

The Event goes on until the end of Tuesday, April 22, so go while you can! As you are enjoy this fun event, consider donating to a RFL kiosk to help a great cause!

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