Friday, April 18, 2014

Of Fiction & Fables

This is an event that, since coming back to SL, I had only just heard of. I love the designers who participate and the layout of the event!

Fiction and Fables pulled me in quickly and I am here to show you some of the amazingly cute stuff I got there!

Above I am wearing a bunny onesie/romper that .Click. put out for Fiction & Fables. It also comes with the ears, carrots, face tattoo, teeth, and 5 poses! I am using 4 of them above! I just cannot get over the overall cuteness of everything in this set. I've been wearing it for DAYS. You are able to get this in a couple other colors if blue is not your thing!

The above toy is from Marmelade. It's called "Pull Along Friend". There were different animals to choose from! The details in the textures are amazing! Seriously! Look closely at that dog! He comes with a carry version and a pull version*.

*for the pull version I had to mod the rope so that my pull along friend reached the floor and I could still hold the rope but he works just fine! Sometimes Kid size TD requires a bit of work but I love it!

Lastly for this post I want to show you this cute clutch that Razzberry Inc. put out for the event.

Easter themed! It's a gacha! It even matches my bunny outfit so I can grab it and go out shopping with my mommy and still wear my cute outfit! I'm not obsessed or anything!

Head over to Fictions & Fables now to get these items while the event is still going on!
Fictions & Fables

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