Friday, April 18, 2014

Fairytale Necklaces

I didn't blog these with the ever after event post because I was having some technical difficulties with them. An IM to the creator fixed that problem right up and I was so thankful because I am utterly in love with these necklaces.

At the Ever-After Event is a gacha from a store called tinyOWL. In this gacha are 5 Princess necklaces (you have a chance of silver or gold for these), 4 Villain necklaces, and 2 rares (which include Belle and Elsa).

Each necklace comes with their own charm on it and all of the necklaces are mod so you can adjust to fit you! That means even grown ups can wear these!

Pictures of the 4 I got below! I got all 3 Little Mermaid ones (and Little Mermaid being my favorite I was satisfied), and a snow white one! This round of Ever-After is almost Over so take the SLurl below and grab you some!

Ever~After Event

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