Friday, April 11, 2014

Lil Big Me presents: The Easter Festival!

Isn't it Pretty!

That is The Easter Festival! 15 Vendors with items for sale! Each Vendor also has an egg hidden around the venue with a free item in it so be sure to look for those! I have a couple previews below. Be sure to explore it a bit because there are baby ducks and hammocks and a leaf boat! Great for Photos! In fact, all my photos for this post were taken at the event!

The outfit above is one I purchased from Lil Big Me at the event! It's called "Alien Monster Friends - Chomps". it has a cute little purple alien dude on the shirt. The Shoes come with it and they are mod so you can size to fit (being on the taller end of TD Kids I almost always have to resize shoes to having this option is wonderful!). The Jeans are HUD attached and come with rolled cuffs. The Outfit also came with a beanie but I really like this hair and I tried to fit it but I just didn't want to give up my hair or mod it haha! The beanie is omg cute though! You might not be able to see it too well but I am wearing a face tattoo I got as a hunt prize from the event by GlamRus. It comes with a regular and messy version!

The crown I am wearing is a hunt item Lil Big Me had in their Easter egg on the sim! It feels suitable with my blog name! The Poses I am using above came from a set you can buy at the Festival by Bambi Boo. It's a set of 8 single poses!

I changed real quick so I could show you all a couple hunt item previews from the egg hunt. The Sweater is a prize from The Blossom. You get another set of single poses from a store called Pink Peony as a hunt item prize. Some of those eggs are sneaky so make sure you look everywhere! Tons of cute things beyond what I just showed you so be sure to check it out!

The Event runs until the 20th!


Picture 2 & 3

Picture 4
~Audra Graves

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