Friday, April 11, 2014

and they lived happily...Ever After Event

The Ever After Event has started another round and there are some great designers who put out some cute items!! I am here to show you just a few!

This bunny. So cute. Can't handle. omg...

This bunny is part of a gatcha by Kyia's! What is cuter than a bunny in a sweater!? Nothing, I say! The bunnies come in with a built in hold and unlimited cuteness!

I had to call in my sister to help me photograph this!

The pose was the item that Shutterbugs put out for sale for the event! I am still giggling! This pose is perfect for us! Kaysa is much shorter than me but she is older so she is the boss! I get bossed around ALL the time!
It's soft linked so you can easily adjust to fit your needs!

Check out the Ever After Event before it's over and the next round starts! There is much more where this came from I promise you!

~Audra Graves

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