Wednesday, April 30, 2014


You guys like cool things don't you? I mean, I know I do!

So when I heard about enchantment and what it was I was all over that like syrup on a pancake! Cheese on bread? Aurora on a pillow? No?

Bad similes aside, this event, while not geared towards SL kids, is still doable by us kids! There are some prizes and some items for sale that are not clothing.

Enchantment is a quarterly event with 20 designers. Each round a fairy tale is chosen and the designers will make something with that theme. A previous Enchantment theme was Red Riding Hood. THIS round's theme is Sleeping Beauty and it's just as awesome as it sounds.
Some info on the original Sleeping Beauty can be found here: Wiki Sleeping Beauty

So here is how it works:
20 stores will put out at LEAST one item specifically for this event(some I have seen have more than one). These will be special marked for the event. Inside these purchasable items, besides the item itself, will be a stamp card.
Now that you have a stamp card, wear it, and run around to each participating store and click the stamp machine! It will stamp your card
Once you fill that card up you can take it to the prize location (which I of course can't tell you yet) and redeem that stamp card for a prize.
1 full card = 1 prize

Some good pointers:
Want more than one prize? Buy more than one event item from participating vendors! You have 20 vendors to shop through!
You can wear more than 1 card at once while stamping but please only wear one at a time while redeeming for a prize otherwise you waste cards and you wont get to use them again.
Cards are Transfer so if you have some extra you want to give to a friend or an alt or even to someone as a gift you can do that, empty or filled!
You will definitely want more than 1 card because there are awesome prizes that after this event will not be released or sold again.

Prize from MishMish - 1Li~door opens and closes~comes in dark & light.
I love the way they changed things starting this round (the stamp system) because it promotes store traffic and browsing which in return turns browsers into buyers (oh man i used quotes from RL work!! What am I doing!? What is life!?). This system works you guys! It worked in the past when I had seen it used for other events eons ago (2008/09 feels like eons in SL right?). Events that happen IN stores just work that way. I'm living proof and my wallet can attest to that!
Themed items for sale from The Sugar Garden - w/ veil or w/out~white and black horns shown.
Themed items for sale from Kalopsia - each w/ 2 versions (wear or hold)~wear has 4 animations

May 1st you guys! Here are the stores participating:
The Annex
anc Ltd.
Mina Hair
!bang poses 
Violent Seduction

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