Thursday, April 3, 2014

Events and Easter!

**WARNING: Due to the amount of detail put into the outfits this post is picture heavy!

Spring brings sooo many good things:

  • Melted snow (sorry east coast and Canada)
  • Flowers
  • Fresh produce
  • warmer weather
  • rain
Easter means free candy from the Easter Bunny and fun colored hard-boiled eggs! The beginning of April also brought along some events that start at the 1st of the month!

  • All the Little Things
  • Woodland Treasure Gatcha
  • Style Me
My wallet was hurting but I got sooo many cute things that it was worth it! I couldn't even feature all of them here!

ATLT started themes this month and for their first theme they chose "Game of Thrones"! I am a huuuuuuuge fan! Who's your favorite character? Mine is Daenarys and Arya! I wish I could be just like Dany and be the same awesome Khaleesi she is!

Not a single piece of the outfit about belongs together. I pieced it together from a bunch of different ones. 

THIS shirt....this shirt you guys! I got it from That's so {Kyoot} at All the Little Things! I will be wearing this so much! I wish this was a shirt of mine in the reals! 

This Bunny Blankie (that is ohhh so cute and soft) comes from Winter Ravens and the Egg on a spoon is a rare from Kawaii (I was so happy to get the yellow one too! Go Hufflepuff)! My nail polish is pink with peep bunnies on them! It's a rare from CutieCakes! All 3 things can be found at the Woodland Treasures Gatcha!

My hairbow is from an outfit at That's so {Kyoot}. My cute boots are from Larnia Kids!

This next outfit is good for when you don't want to get too complicated with how you dress but still want to look super cute!! Sometimes I just want something simple!

The Dress is from ~Bunny Boutique by Leigh~ It is her outfit she made for Style Me! It comes with the shoes and some bunny ears (I did not have the bunny ears on). The shoes are even resizable so you can adjust to your feet whether you are TD or TD baby!

The Owl is from Des Lunes and the Band-aids are from Just Kidding Boutique! The great thing bout the band-aids is the gacha also has some other cute things and it is set up so you buy from your size avatar! That is good news for both sized TDs and regular kids! Both of these items  can be found at The Woodland Treasures Gatcha!

This Last outfit I wanted to feel especially Eastery! 

Very Easter Right!?

That Outfit is from Baby Couture. It is one of the prizes from her gacha at Woodland Treasures Gatcha! Shoes for it are a separate prize but I found that my shoes for my Larnia Kids outfit, Rebecca, fit really well! Now let's talk about this bunny hat because O.M.G. I am melting from all the cute!

Larnia Kids made these for their FLF tomorrow! It's a gacha so you can get multiple colors! The rare however is so cool! It's white and has a bow! The bow changed colors to all the same colors the commons comes in. Look at the hat! So cute! It even LOOKS fuzzy! 

All the poses used in this outfit are from "Say Cheese!". They put out a gacha full of cute easter poses! You can have a go at those 3 and more at Woodland Treasures Gatcha!

I'll be back in a couple days to show you what's happening at the Ever After Event so stay tuned!!



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