Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Slight Delay

Sorry for my silence! Please bare with me just a little bit longer. As I type this (on my sister's computer that cannot run SL) my computer is installing updates (I haven't used it in 2 years). I am hoping once it gets caught up I can install an SL viewer and it run ok! To the people i blog for, I am so sorry! I wasn't expecting it to take this long! If the computer still can't run SL I will be buying a new one so I WILL be back and sharing all the looks and home updates!

Thanks for your patience!

<3 Audra Graves

Friday, September 26, 2014

Home and Garden Expo On the Fly

I am so behind you guys! I fly out tonight and I hadn't gotten my HGE post done yet! I am so honored to be blogging for them and I panicked because I want to blog for them again! So I am trying! There will only be a HGE link because I want to get credits to you! Take the main link and you can get the info to see the stores! There are maps! Go! It ends the 29th!

Here is the main Landmark to get you started at Home and Garden Expo: CLICK ME
There you can find maps and LMs and event info! There is even a hunt! Donation items go to benefit RFL! So it's for a good cause!

(Click the pictures for larger view)






Thaino Designs - The Dreamers Home (RFL Donation at HGE)

The Loft - Gerzzo Cart Green
Alouette - Potted Daises
Intrigue Co. - Cubimals Series 2: Fox
Floorplan - Sparkle Wall Frame
Myrrine - Paper Wings Dream
High v. - Framed Art Dreams 3 (Found at Neverland Events)
Cleo Designs - Noteboard (HGE)
US Design - Girly Desk (HGE)
Half Deer - Painted Log Slice Good Morning
Half Deer - Painted Log Slice Artist at heart
Culprit - Skinny Shelf
MishMish - Kitty in Honolulu
MishMish - Kitty in New York
Half Deer - Forest's Tale Ruffle McFeathers the Grey Owl (Sept. Arcade)
MishMish - Kitty in Paris
MishMish - Kitty in London
Wimey - Musical Candle Holder
Brixley - Framed Poster Wear Pink
Second Spaces - Nellie Office Ladder 
Wimey - The Lost Mine's Golden Treasure
Myrrine - Heart wall Lights
Floorplan - Always Print
Floorplan - Wanderlust Print
Ionic - Not all those who wander are lost (frames)
Pilot - Heirloom Hutch Waves
Intrigue Co. - Cubimals Series 2: Sloth
Kalopsia - Squirrel planter 1
Atomic - Arggg Pirates! Black: Mermaid
MishMish - A Baby Plant A
Ispachi - The Arrival: the wisest Owl
MishMish - Proper Care of Owls book
MishMish - Tawny Owl
R(S)W - Dragonfly Dragon
Aria - Gretchen dry leaves shadow box pair 1
Kalopsia - Bunny dominos

PICTURE B (Just middle to left hand side)
US Design - Home Sweet H Sign (HGE)
Thea Maiman - Laundry Art No.2 RARE
Vespertine - Wall Hanger /shine
Apple Fall - Poppies glazed Vase
One Eleven - My Pal Tanuki
Johadez -  WallArt "dead tree" (HGE)
Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Bookworm Shelf (HGE)
Kalopsia - Bird Planter 1
Larnia Kids - Little Wooden House Clutter

tea.s - Chateau de Barbe-Bleue (flame)
Dekute Dekore - Stacked books table Bleached (HGE)
Dekute Dekore - Bean Bag Chair Pastels (HGE)
Theosophy - Alpaca (Bowpaca)
Half Deer - Kerfluffle Sheep II Writer (Sept. Arcade)
What Next - Fox Malmo Chair (Sept. Arcade)
Floorplan - Mr Darcy Print
Floorplan - Reader Print
Revival - Kiss & Hug Sign (put out 2 of these) (HGE)
Brixley - Framed Poster Magic
High V - Framed Art Dreams 4 (Neverland Events)

Agent Orange - "A" Alphabet Pillow (OLD)
Apple Fall - A Font Frame (I Think HGE)
Seven Emporium - Lightbox Letter A (wall)
Commoner - Monogram Wall Banner /A (Sept. Arcade)
Minuet - Personalized Frame
Floorplan - Film lot Sign
Seven  Emporium - Lightbox Letter - A(floor)
Half Deer - Painted Log slice White-tailed Deer
Half Deer - Painted Log Slice Black Bear
Art Dummy - summertide (sofa, white ticking)
Boogers - Snooze Bear (Sept. Arcade)
R(S)W - Open Book King Arthur (HGE)
Aria - Gretchen Big Cloche with pinecones 1 (Sept. Arcade)
Cleo Designs - Table & Folded throw
Tarte - Wagon Wheel Light Maple (Sept. Arcade)
Vespertine - Framed Leaves Secret prize (Sept. Arcade)
Dekute Dekore - Stacked Books Lamp Pastels (HGE)
Floorplan - I love you Canvas
Myrrine - Shabby chic wall deco - leaning
Hideki - Record Crate
Pilot - Fireplace with Logs
Pilot - Pumpkins & Candles
La Galleria - Fall Branch Wall Decore

R(S)W - Farm Chair - Eyeback (HGE)
Rusalka - Bistro Table (HGE)
US Design - French Weekend Tray (HGE)
Hideki - bar counter
R(S)W - Deviled Eggs
Floorplan - Vintage Milk Caddy
Floorplan - Recipe Tin
R(S)W Cookie Tin - Picturebook (HGE)
TBF - Retro Radio
Second Spaces - Well-Stocked pantry Chalkboard

<3 Audra Graves

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

An Update


Hey guys! Sorry for the silence! I have a few blog posts I am getting out tonight and tomorrow and then I will have another hopefully short silence! I am moving across the country on Friday and have been busy with packing, setting up blog photos, working RL , etc. Once I move I have to mess around with the computer I have there (It's not so good) and hopefully get it working well enough for me to take blog photos and move around on SL! Do you guys have any viewer suggestions? I was using firestorm way back before but it got to a point where I couldn't move my camera without locking up and crashing. I'll be saving up for a new computer though so I can get back to my regular blogging like it used to be!

As you can see in the photo above, I'm exhausted, trying to keep up. Good thing I've been living in pajamas lately. I can just fall over onto my bed and take a long nap! These pajamas are from Jellybeans Fashions and can be found at Neverland Events until the 8th of October! Then a new round begins! There are some super super cute things at this event and I can't wait to keep showing you! (One more post about it before the move and then a couple more after).

Thanks for your patience you guys! I appreciate all my readers and the designers and can't wait to keep growing!

<3 Audra Graves

Pajamas: Jellybeans Fashions - Fluffy Unicorn TD (Found at Neverland Events)
Hair: Truth - Melinda Cherry
Eyelids: Slink - Mesh Eyelids
Nails: Awwdorable - Owl Nails Limited (Found at ATLT til the 27th)
Bed: Art Dummy - Haven Cabana Bed V2.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Faith, Trust, & Pixie Dust

Watch me now! Here I go!


I'm off to fly to Neverland where I will be shopping, shopping, shopping! Pixie dust only works if you think of happy things! Shopping definitely makes me happy!

Neverland Events is a new event with a theme that runs every 2 months! Items made by kids for kids! The theme this month is Dream Land and designers used their dreams and imagination to create some super cute items!

The super cute fair outfit I am wearing is from the event, made by Doodlez. It's called Twinkerbellz and comes in ivy, lilac, rose, and sweetpea. It comes with the tutu outfit, the shoes, wand, tiara, anklet, wings, and bracelet.

Of course I brought my coin purse with me because you need money to buy things! It's from Noodles and the one I am holding is the tan one but you can get it in white if you prefer.

This is just one of many posts for the Neverland event so stay tuned this week and next for more!

<3 Audra


Outfit (with Accessories): Doodlez - Twinkerbellz sweetpea (At Neverland Events)
Coinpurse: Noodles - Gracie Pug Coin purse (tan)
Hair: Truth - Melinda (reds)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Oh Daddy my Daddy


I've been with my SL dad for 5 years and 9 months now. He loves me just the same as he did the first days and I love him the same! I almost never (sometimes I accidentally log too fast) log off without blowing him kisses and saluting him. I'm his Lil Chuck, his cutie, his Audrey, and his trouble. He laughs at my antics. We even zombie hunt together! He is so awesome that he is even a Lt. Colonel at Tombstone. That means he is good at shooting bad guys...or eating donuts...did they have donuts in that time period? I plan to spend many more years with him! As many as I can get!

I used a pose from GlamRus Poses called "Mini Me". It can be bought at All the Little Things for an awesome low price but be sure to buy it before the 27th! This round of ATLT is Limited. The items exclusive for this round will not be sold after this month is up!

My owl nails and panda necklace are also limited this month and can be bought at All the Little Things.

My oh so cute vanity and chair will fit nicely in any bedroom! Wimey made this set for The Challenge! The chair even has poses! This set is currently only 150L!

My cute giraffe toy? You can get that at Kidz Clozet. It comes in a set of 8 (7 other animals besides the giraffe) and is 1LI! It looks great on shelves, floors, vanities, and even dressers!

I don't normally wear binkies but this mustache one is just so adorable (I love cute mustache themed things!) It's from That's So Kyoot's Gatcha for Woodland Treasures! There are a ton of cute ones. So if you are into wearing binkies, you should totally go play it!

Look through the credits to get any of the things above!

<3 Audra Graves


Dress: Tiny Buttons - Spencer Chevy (Found at ATLT)
Necklace: Awwdorable - Hip Hop Panda Necklace Limited (Found at ATLT)
Nails: Awwdorable - Owl Nails Limited (Found at ATLT)
Binky: That's So Kyoot - Binky 009 (Found at Woodland Treasures)
Hair: Olive - The Anya Sleep (Red)

Vanity & Chair: Wimey - Shabby Chickie Vanity Set (for The Challenge)
Wooden Giraffe: Kidz Clozet - (part of) Flat Wooden Toys
Pose: GlamRus Kidz - Mini Me Pose (Found at ATLT)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Events and End of the Month Last Call!

Earlier this month I blogged a preview for the current round of Enchantment. This is the final blog I will be making for it this month (it ends at the end of the month until next round) and I also wanted to show you all a few more things you could get from it!

This round's theme is centered around the tale of Bluebeard (who did indeed have a bluebeard).
You can find his story here: Wiki: Bluebeard

At the bottom of this post will be links to each store partcipating. Each store has an item that you can buy (from any of the stores) that will have a stamp card in it. Take the stamp card to each store and click on the stamp machine and it will stamp your card. When you fill up your card you can either gift it to someone or take the SLurl it gives you and pick a prize from the prize area. 1 stamp card = 1 prize.


You can click the photo above to see it larger. The things I got from enchantment in the photo are my necklace, eyes, earrings, and the candle. There is a larger picture of the candle below. The earrings from Pita Pocket are a prize as is the candle from Tea.s. The necklace (from tea.s) and the eyes (from Chop Shop) are for sale in their respective stores for a great price and each includes a stamp card!

enchantmentB2 2

The outfit I am wearing is from Petite Bebe and can be bought at a new event you may have heard of. Route66 is a new monthly event where designers make something based on colors and/or a theme they are given. Each store's item they make is for sale ending in a 66 (for example: $66L, $166L, $266L, etc.). This outfit includes the skirt, sandals, and sweater. Super cute for this fall weather approaching and it only costs $166L! The event will end in early sept. I believe so that they can set up for a new round that will begin Sept. 16th so hurry down and grab this outfit at this great price!

Sorry this blog post is a little late! I had some RL health issues but i am on the mend! 

Until Next time!
<3 Audra Graves

Outfit (including shoes): Petite Bebe - Birdies (Found at Route 66)
Hair: D!va - Juno (Type-A Garnet) (Found at C88)
Eyes: Chop Shop - Watching? Green (Enchantment item that includes stamp card)
Necklace: tea.s - Trust Key Necklace Silver (Enchantment item that includes a stamp card)
Earrings: Pita Pocket - Little Lock & Key Earrings (Enchantment full stamp card prize)
Pose: !Bang - Stylies Nomination (Freebie)

Candle: tea.s - Chateau de Barbe Bleue (Enchantment full stamp card prize)
Hutch: PILOT - Heirloom Hutch Floral
Wall Hanger: Vespertine - Wall Hanger /Shine
Welcome Mat: Collage - Welcome Mat (droids)
Skybox: Milk Motion - Flat in Montmartre

La Petite Morte
Refined Wild
Valentina E
Chop Shop
Bella Elephante
The Muses
Pita Pocket

Friday, August 22, 2014

Shake it Off!

I'm sure a ton of you have listened to/seen the new Taylor Swift song, Shake it Off. If not it will be at the bottom of this post. I have never been a fan of her music. It just didn't appeal to me. I give her a chance now because of a song she sang for the hunger games soundtrack which didn't even sound like her. Her new song has got me hooked. It's played on repeat for a few days now (don't worry I listened to other stuff and took breaks)!

That's So {Kyoot} has released a super cute new outfit that is 50L today (for FLF /kids/). It has that ballerina feel to it but it has a pair of shorts so it becomes an outfit! My most favorite part of it though is the leggings. I wish I could pull leggings like that off in RL!


The pose is from Shutterbug's Woodland Gatcha that ends here in a few days. It's from her series, When I Grow Up". It's mod so you can easily adjust the poses and bar to your height! The music box is from Nach's Woodland Gatcha. Each fairytale music box plays the tune that it was inspired by.

Another post coming tomorrow!!

<3 Audra Graves


Outfit: That's So {Kyoot} - Kylie
Hair: Tram - C424 Hair (maroon)
Nails: Lil Smartie Pants - Pastel Nails
Pose: Shutterbugs - *WIGU gatcha* ballerina pose (found at Woodland Treasures)
Music Box: Nach - Tangled Movie Inspired Music Box (found at Woodland Treasures)