Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Flea Market Without Fleas!?

The Family Flea Market opened on April 5th! They Keep the location secret for as close as they can to opening day! This time it was jungle themed! I went, got a few things, and then went back yesterday to see if any of the MIAs had put their items out and they had! There are still two MIAs so I keep checking back everyday to see.

There is ALL kinds of things to get there. No Fleas though. Or Flea Families. Or Families with fleas. Which is good actually cause I heard flea baths aren't all that fun and when our cat gets fleas they put medicine on her and ew medicine!

Some of the things I spotted were bracelets, a book cart (with hilarious book titles). a pose prop with 3 poses, clothes, animals, and Furniture!

Below I am wearing different articles of clothing sold at Family Flea Market by Minuet. There are different options of hoodies to buy each with a vintage look and feel to them! I chose this one because it felt the most Pacific North West and I wanted to represent you know!? It was definitely hard to choose though! (of course buy more than one! I recommend it! That makes choosing easier).

The pants are a set Minuet has for sale that come in 3 colors of jeans (Light, Dark, and Stonewash). They are all Mesh and look soooo cute on me! I can't get over them! I almost can't tell they are mesh half the time!

The Pig is for sale at Family Flea Market (I am sure he doesn't have fleas though) by Little Closet. He comes with a holdable and rezzable version. His Name is McCheesy but I just had to name mine Ted Mosbey.

Make sure you follow the LM in the Credits and check it out if you haven't, and if you went the first day be sure to go back and check out the newer additions since opening day! The current round closes April 30th. I hope this event sticks around for a looong time!


**Anything not listed has been in previous posts more than once and can be found there. If you want more info and cannot find it drop me a NC and I can toss you any info you need! :D

***I don't normally use Shadows but was messing around with them. Some posts may feature shadows but not all. Just an FYI.

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