Sunday, May 18, 2014

You Enchant Me

Enchantment is over halfway over and if you haven't checked it out yet you should! Once this round is over you'll have to wait for the next one in 3 months.

You might remember my earlier blogpost a couple weeks back talking about Enchantment here: Enchantment Blogpost

I'm stopping in again for a refresher/reminder of the event and a how to!

This event is a bit different than ones you might be used to. Instead of 1 location with items you go store to store. You Purchase an item specific to the event that will be labeled as having a stamp card in it. Once you get the stamp card you go around to each store in the event and click the stamp machine to get a stamp. Once you have collected 20 stamps the card will give you a SLurl to a prize location and you can redeem one card for 1 prize. That's 20 prize options! You can wear more than 1 card at once to save stamping time (the machines will stamp any cards you are holding just be sure to only wear one when you redeem for a prize).

I went to MishMish and bought the Maleficent doll with hold pose and blinking eyes. She's so stinkin cute! I hardly ever wear dolls or stuffed animals so I rezzed her out in my room (awesome that she is just 1Li)

This product from MishMish includes the stamp card. So I attached it,

and now I am ready to start collecting stamps! I went to all the stores listed below:
The Annex
anc Ltd.
Mina Hair
!bang poses 
Violent Seduction

I looked for the stamp machine. It looks like this:

and I clicked it in every store. The stamps show up on your card so you can see who you are missing if you accidentally forget any.

When finished collecting all the stamps I took the SLurl it gave me in Chat and tped to the prize location. It's really pretty!

So many prizes to choose from! While a few won't work for SL kids there are still options for us! (and definitely many choices for our 'dults!) I chose the hourglass set from !Ohmai.

The prize comes with 5 different hourglasses at 3Li each! They are mod so you can resize if you want. (note that if you make it larger your Li may change depending on the size). The sand is animated and these look so great in any room of the house!

Time is running out to do this event so hit up the list of stores I posted (click the poster at any of those stores for a Notecard with the SLurls in them to make it easier) and have fun!

<3 Audra

Outfit: Minuet - Eleanor Cardi & Capris - Limited 50 Event (OUT OF STOCK NOW)
Glasses: by emm - glasses 005
Hair: Truth - Eveleyn - cherry
Nail Polish: Lil Smartie Pants - Bright French Nails (comes in HUD)

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