Saturday, May 3, 2014

*. emm and the case of the cute decor!

*.emm is a quaint little store with the sunlight shining on it just right. It's so inviting!

What's more inviting?

The cute stuff inside!

I mean, you can't go wrong with items that come inside this cute little package.

2 of her current releases (the other 2 you will see in upcoming blog posts for Family Flea Market and Woodland Treasure Gatcha) are what I will be showing you today!

Since we're on the topic of cats (We were talking about cats weren't we?), let me show you this memo board.

It's perfect for the cat lady in all of us (yes don't you men and boys deny it!). The Memo board features some cute note pages, photos, and cards on the board. The board comes in 3 colors so you can purchase the one above (colored). Or you can purchase it in a light wood or dark wood version!

My Favorite part about this board is the grocery list.

Yes more cats should be on everyone's grocery list. I also love the little key spot and the pens in the corner! The details in this are just wonderful!

You can purchase one of these now at her store in world! *. emm { shop }

My mom let me keep one of the next item out at home in our living room and I think it's a great addition!

Fawning over you Clocks! Clocks shaped like a fawn! just like the cat memo boards these come in light wood, dark wood, and white. 1LI and a great addition to your home!

These are out for The Neighborhood today at her store *. emm { shop }!

I hope you see a bunch of other cute things at her store because they are there!

<3 Audra

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