Saturday, May 3, 2014

That's So {Kyoot} and the Lazy Sunday!

As a shopaholic, I never run out of anything to wear. But I also never stop having new clothes to try! It's at least a fun addiction!

Lazy Sunday has made Sundays a great day of the week (even if I work every Sunday for the rest of my RL). That's So {Kyoot} is a store that is always releasing cute things and today I am here to show you what TSK is releasing for Lazy Sunday!

A Dress! but not just aaaany dress! a super cute dress with super cute accessories that even made me replace my favorite glasses, that's hard to do. I love those glasses.

The sandals are mod so you can easily fit to your feet. I say it a million times but I will say it again, having mod shoes or shoes with a resize script is something that gets 10000 points from me (I'm a TD kid and most people size the shoes, even in the Kid versions, for babies.) they have a cute bow on them that matches the dress!

Do you see what I mean about the cute glasses!? a bow on the corner to match the dress but I will be wearing these for a while! <3

A close up picture of the accessories to this outfit. It comes with 2 bracelets, glasses, and a matching hairbow!

This outfit will be out starting tomorrow for 70L at That's So {Kyoot} for Lazy Sunday!

(an extra picture because I look cute and also a bear)

**This is a store specific post. If you have any questions about anything else in this post drop me a NC (I cap) in-world: Audra Graves or leave a comment below! I will happily answer!

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