Tuesday, May 6, 2014

All the Little Things in May

I am not sure what the theme was for this round but I can definitely tell you that a common theme I found when I first went shopping (and then went back just now) is SHIRTS!

So many shirts, cute shirts at that! Of course there is WAY more than shirts but the shirts were my favorite part of this round!

There is one stall there that has batman shirts. I LOVE batman. LOVE him. So I grabbed the batman shirt and there is also a gatcha in the same stall where you can play and get a superhero poster. I got VERY lucky and on the 2nd round I got batman! (my other one was wolverine and he is pretty cool too! Especially since he is Marvel!)

It has since been hung up in my room, where it belongs. Because, Batman! It makes me happy! I love the look of the poster and even better? It's only 1 Li! perfect! The stall to find these at All the Little Things is SprinklyWinks! the shirts are 50L a piece and the poster gatcha is 50L a play!

Now, back to the other shirts. Shirts.

You can click this link here: ~~BIGGER~~
to see this photo bigger and be able to see the detail!

Here is what I am wearing for those!

1. "Owl Family Shirt" from Buttons and Bows (50L)
2. "Think I'm Cute top (mommy version)" from That's so Kyoot (50L)
3. "Bright Day Shirt" from Sassy Pants (50L)
4. "Think I'm Cute top (daddy version)" from That's So Kyoot (50L)
5. "Kitten Me Shirt" from Sassy Pants (50L)
6. "Uniwharl Shirt" from Sassy Pants (50L)

Pants in 1-5: "Capri pants Grey" from That's So Kyoot (50L)
Pants in 6: "Dinosaur T-shirt series pants" from Cuddle Bugs (44L)

Hope on over to All the Little things and grab these awesome items while you can!!
All The Little Things taxi

Hair: Truth Hair Evelyn - cherry
Glasses: part of "Demi" - That's So Kyoot
Poses: *Everglow* 

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