Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Original Art and Gachas....knowing where my addictions lie

As some of you may know, Mad City is closing soon. This does NOT, however, mean that Madpeas is going anywhere. It's actually quite the opposite. Madpeas is still hard at work on UNIA and I can't wait for the next update. This is going to be the biggest game in SL and it will be awesome!

In the last days of Mad City, they are holding an art gacha festival. There are 11 artists who have a gacha set up all with original artwork. Everything is under 100L a play (I think the highest was 75L) and there is some amazing artwork to be had!

If you go to check it out and test your luck (because even these gachas have rares!) be sure to have a look around the area too! there are some great works of art out for display! Sculptures and even samples of what the artists have made! The sculptures holding the gachas are a work of art themselves.

I played a few and crosses my fingers. Still couldn't grab the rare from Sabbian Paine's gacha but I got one of the others from it that I liked.  It's adds to my skybox nicely!

I also got some artwork from Rag Randt and Thea Maiman.

If you want to check it out for yourself, head down to Mad City before the 31st and enjoy!

<3 Audra Graves

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