Saturday, May 3, 2014

Get Snug with Shutterbug!

I love family photos. I love looking at other people's family photos. I love looking at my own family photos. I love taking family photos. In RL I am a photographer and I specialize in photographing kids and families. So it's something dear to my heart to be able to provide photos like this for these families.

These are memories that when you look back on them in a couple years or even just a couple days down the road you will be filled with warm fuzzies! I have a lot of family photos in SL. My parents are always happy to let me play around with poses and props and take photos! They get these memories too so it works out!

Shutterbug has released some poses and there are a few parent/ child options in there that I snagged and got some pictures with! I giggle every time I see these photos now! They are going to be great memories of me and my mommy from that night!

With Mother's Day coming up this is a great pose to get a photo with your mother (or father if that is your thing!) The pose comes with holdable flowers so I can look like I got mommy some flowers! She loves them! This pose is available now at Style Me and is soft linked for easy adjusting!

The two pictures above are prizes from Shutterbug's gatcha at the Woodland Treasures Gatcha event for the month of May! They each come with their candy prop and make great touching photos! Sharing is caring you guys! Give your momma some chocolate! The candy jar photo is my current fav and I took a close up for my in-world profile pic too! It makes me laugh so much! My mommy was laughing the whole time too! I mean, CANDY! right!?

You can play the gatcha for the above 2 poses now over at Woodland Treasures Gatcha!

I hope you enjoy making memories with your family!!

<3 Audra

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