Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Woodland Helps Make Memories


There are a a ton of new poses at Woodland Treasures this month (along with many other things of course. It's an anniversary round so there is double the amount of participants).

Glamrus Kidz made a set of summer poses so I convinced my parents that I wanted hamburgers. The Grilled kind, not the McDonald's kind. Momma set up the picnic table with lots of options and daddy started grilling the burgers. I'm 4 now so I should be able to grill things on my own but daddy said I was still too young but I could help him. He picked me up and we went to check on the burgers. 

Pudding Pop just released a new dress called Ella and I fell in love with it the moment I saw the ad. Stripes and floral! *swoon* If you haven't checked out Pudding Pop then be sure to take the SLurl at the bottom and see what she has to offer! The Pose in the above picture (minus my momma in the background) is called Grillin Like Daddy and It's a common prize from GlamRus Kidz's Woodland Gatcha.



After dinner, which was DELICIOUS, I invited Natalee over to play and we had a blast! We got a bit hyper, was probably all that koolaid and fizzy soda, and ran around like a bunch of crazies. Daddy tried to catch us to calm us down but momma knew there was no point and watched daddy try. Turns out he just wanted a picture of the two of us together so we calmed ourselves for half a minute to get this sweet photo of us! Natalee is wearing a tucked tank, high waisted shorts, and boho sandals all from Little Closet. The hair she is wearing is rigged mesh for TD avatars (awesome right!?) that can be found over at Lil Olive. The pose in the 2nd photo is meant for 2 adults and 3 kids but since it's mod you can unlink (at your own risk) and adjust if needed! Still cute with just 2 kids! That one is called Beach Madness and it's a rare from the GlamRus Kidz Woodland Gatcha. The pose in the 3rd photo will work even if your friend or sibling is shorter or taller than you. That one is called Summer Buds and it is a common in the GlamRus Kidz Woodland Gatcha. 


After Natalee left I played some dress-up, my favorite, with momma and daddy. They were such sports. The pose with daddy is by Shutterbugs and it's called Stylist pose. It's a common from a gacha with a whole series of poses called "When I grow up". Here is my most favorite part about the stylist pose; It comes with a set for Kid TDs. AMAZING! I was so excited!The pose also comes with some props for the Kids to wear but I was laughing so hard at daddy's make up I forgot to put one on! Poor daddy. Mommy Let me arrest her and put her in Time-Out jail. This post is also by shutterbugs from the same gacha series and is called Police Pose and it is a rare. The pose comes with the chair, jail sign, handcuffs, baton, and police hat. Momma doesn't look to thrilled haha!

You can get all these poses by visiting Woodland Treasure Gatcha!


*On Audra
Dress: Pudding Pop - Ella Outfit
Shoes: Amala - Jellies (snow)
Hair: Chemistry - Buttons 2
Hair in last photo: Truth - Fernanda

*On Natalee
Shirt: Little Closet - Half Tucked Tank (Tribal)
Shorts: Little Closet - High Wasited Shorts (Dark Wash)
Shoes: Little Closet - Boho Sandals (Cream)
Hair: Lil Olive - The Darla Hair
Bracelet 1: Trinket - and Beyond Bracelet
Bracelet 2: Trinket - To Infinity Bracelet

Picture 1:  Glamrus Kidz - Grillin like Daddy COMMON (Woodland)
Picture 2: Glamrus Kidz - Beach Madness RARE (Woodland)
Picture 3: Glamrus Kidz - Summer Buds COMMON (Woodland)
Picture 4: Shutterbugs - *wigu* gatcha Stylist pose (woodland)
Picture 5: Shutterbugs - *wigu* gatcha Police Pose RARE (woodland)

grill: Julee's Creations - Mesh BBQ Grill
Picnic table: ionic - The Ionic Spell Outdoor Set
Photo room divider: Alouette - photo frame room divider
Directors chair: Bug-a-doodle - V.I.T. Director chair - jedi master
Owl: vespertine - fabric bird sleepy owl
Unicorn Print - floorplan - species silhouette unicorn
house: Barnesworth Anubis - duxbury house

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