Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dress-Up Dialog: Hunger Games


Dress-Up Dialog is a new segment on my blog where I will set up a scene and costume and accessories from various places as if I was playing pretend. I am hoping to do this about once weekly among my other things I blog. If you have ideas you'd like to see on the blog don't hesitate to drop me a NC in world (Audra Graves).

This week I decided I would go check out Panem but when I was there they mistook me for a resident and because I am not a grown up I ended up SOMEHOW getting my name drawn to be in the Hunger Games. I think someone set me up! 

When we were released I ran quickly to the cornucopia and grabbed the best looking weapon I could find. I learned all about how to use them in training. Turns out the sword I grabbed is from Wimey. It's one of the rare weapons you can get from The Fantasy Gatcha which is open now! I didn't realize you couldn't see my cool earrings but Wimey has some jewelry as the commons. There are some amazing looking necklaces and earrings that I tried on when I had to look presentable for my Interview with Caesar. They are made for grown up avatars but they worked on me and I am a Toddleedoo!

The Hunger Games are dangerous and I don't know if i will make it out but cross your fingers for me that I do!!



Outfit (includes shoes): Inner Peace - HG Tribute Costume (no longer Available)*
Sword: Wimey - Sword of Lighting RARE (Found @ The Fantasy Gatcha)
Hair: Elikatira - Say - Fiery Reds Pack (currently having a Rezday Sale!)
Pose: Stance when you draw your weapon from Wimey's Sword mentioned above

**Dress-Up Dialogs was an idea I had after making the photos for this post so while you might not be able to get this outfit anymore (Unless I am wrong), the future costumes will be available to buy!

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