Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dress-Up Dialogs: A Pirates Life for Me

This weeks Dress-up Dialog was inspired by some things I found at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!


(Click photo to see a larger version of it!)

Don't worry, no mommies were harmed in the making of this post. I mean my sword is cardboard after all.
I apologize, when I made my notecard with credits I forgot to write down the poses and I have NO idea which they could be so if you happen to know feel free to drop me a NC in world (Audra Graves) or comment on this post!

The cardboard sea creatures actually come with poses themselves! You can grab these at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Same as my hat. 


Eye Patch: Larnia Kids - Pirate Eye Patch
Hat: Pure Poison - Marine Pirate Hat (from The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Dress (including shoes and necklace): Lil Big Me - Magical Princess (includes shoes)
Hair: D!va - Tomoko2 Type A (garnet)
Sword: Kidz Clozet - Cardboard Sword (from cardboard Cut Out Toys)

Treehouse - Snips & Snails - Treehouse, Slide, Tireswing, & Zipline (past Arcade gatcha)
Fish: Cheeky Pea & Bang! - Feeesh! (From The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Sea monster: Cheeky Pea & Bang! - Nessie RARE (from The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

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