Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Events and End of the Month Last Call!

Earlier this month I blogged a preview for the current round of Enchantment. This is the final blog I will be making for it this month (it ends at the end of the month until next round) and I also wanted to show you all a few more things you could get from it!

This round's theme is centered around the tale of Bluebeard (who did indeed have a bluebeard).
You can find his story here: Wiki: Bluebeard

At the bottom of this post will be links to each store partcipating. Each store has an item that you can buy (from any of the stores) that will have a stamp card in it. Take the stamp card to each store and click on the stamp machine and it will stamp your card. When you fill up your card you can either gift it to someone or take the SLurl it gives you and pick a prize from the prize area. 1 stamp card = 1 prize.


You can click the photo above to see it larger. The things I got from enchantment in the photo are my necklace, eyes, earrings, and the candle. There is a larger picture of the candle below. The earrings from Pita Pocket are a prize as is the candle from Tea.s. The necklace (from tea.s) and the eyes (from Chop Shop) are for sale in their respective stores for a great price and each includes a stamp card!

enchantmentB2 2

The outfit I am wearing is from Petite Bebe and can be bought at a new event you may have heard of. Route66 is a new monthly event where designers make something based on colors and/or a theme they are given. Each store's item they make is for sale ending in a 66 (for example: $66L, $166L, $266L, etc.). This outfit includes the skirt, sandals, and sweater. Super cute for this fall weather approaching and it only costs $166L! The event will end in early sept. I believe so that they can set up for a new round that will begin Sept. 16th so hurry down and grab this outfit at this great price!

Sorry this blog post is a little late! I had some RL health issues but i am on the mend! 

Until Next time!
<3 Audra Graves

Outfit (including shoes): Petite Bebe - Birdies (Found at Route 66)
Hair: D!va - Juno (Type-A Garnet) (Found at C88)
Eyes: Chop Shop - Watching? Green (Enchantment item that includes stamp card)
Necklace: tea.s - Trust Key Necklace Silver (Enchantment item that includes a stamp card)
Earrings: Pita Pocket - Little Lock & Key Earrings (Enchantment full stamp card prize)
Pose: !Bang - Stylies Nomination (Freebie)

Candle: tea.s - Chateau de Barbe Bleue (Enchantment full stamp card prize)
Hutch: PILOT - Heirloom Hutch Floral
Wall Hanger: Vespertine - Wall Hanger /Shine
Welcome Mat: Collage - Welcome Mat (droids)
Skybox: Milk Motion - Flat in Montmartre

La Petite Morte
Refined Wild
Valentina E
Chop Shop
Bella Elephante
The Muses
Pita Pocket

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