Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Keys to a secret

Not my secret of course...

Bluebeard's secret.

This month's theme for Enchantment follows the tale of Bluebeard. If you click through the link below you can read the tale yourself!

The short version is this wealthy french aristocrat. He has been married many times before but no one ever knew what happened to the previous wives. All the local girls are very obviously afraid to be his next wife. He manages to get another wife though and shortly after they are married he has to go out of town. He leaves his keys with his wife and says use them they open all the doors in the house. He also handed her one other key and stressed that she was to never ever not even once at all go to that room.

Of course she does. all the previous wives are in there murdered. The floor is covered in blood. The current wife drops the key in the blood, in shock. she tells her sister and they plan to leave but Bluebeard (yes his beard really is blue) comes home early and sees the blood on the key and knows. He was going to behead her but she begged for prayers. So he let her pray which in her terms meant wait for her brothers to rescue her and her sister. Bluebeard was about to kill them when the brothers came in and killed him. The wife inherits all his fortune and marries off her sister and herself. THE END maybe that wasn't all that short but interesting right!?

Designers have made items pertaining to this story! just imagine the fun things that have been made (or you know, go check them out with the list below). I will post instructions after the photos and info and before the links!

Here is what i put together for my first blog for Enchantment.


The items I am wearing from Enchantment are the key headwrap, the key necklace, and my eyes. The headwrap, from Frogstar, is their prize at the prize location. It's mod so you can easily adjust it to fit your own head! with the texture change script there are 25 possible combinations on how you want it to look! This means it will match ANYTHING. This prize will NEVER be sold or given away after the event so be sure to fill up your stamp card if you want it!


The necklace I am wearing is also a prize item but this one is from Aisling. The necklace has a texture HUD so you can change the ribbon color, metal type, and whether or not the key has blood on it or not. I think it matches well with my outfit! I love long necklaces.

The last thing i am wearing from enchantment, my eyes, is from La Petite Morte. "Misery eyes 4". I love the texturing in these. This item is for sale in their store and by buying one color (for just 75L) you will get a stamp card.

So here is how this event works. You go to any of the stores that I list below and you buy one of their items that is specifically made and labeled for this event (you will see the tags and stamp machine set up). You can buy one thing from one store or many things from many stores! Whatever you like! When you get your stamp card...or 10...add them to you (if you have more than 1 wear them all at once so you don't have to do the stamping over and over). Each store also has a stamp machine set up. With the cards attached, click the stamp machine and it adds that store's stamp to your card. Collect all 20 stamps from the 20 stores and take your finished stamp card to the prize location it gives you! Each prize costs 1 stamp card so if you want more than one be sure to buy more than one item at the stores! The stamp cards are transfer/no copy so this means you can gift them too!

I love this event and I hope you all love this round. I had never heard this folktale before this round so it was fun reading into it and seeing what all the designers came up with!

Stay tuned for another post later on with some more items from this event!

La Petite Morte
Refined Wild
Valentina E
Chop Shop
Bella Elephante
The Muses

Pita Pocket

Outfit: Petite Bebe - Vintage Outfit Dotted Blue RARE (Woodland)
Hair: Olive - The Anya Sleep Red 01
Eyes: La Petite Morte - Misery eyes 4 (for enchantment)
Headwrap: Frogstar - Bluebeard's Bride Chain Headwrap (for enchantment)
Necklace: Aisling - The Bad Wife (for enchantment)
Nails: Enchanted Bowtique - Watermelon Nails (ATLT)

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