Saturday, July 5, 2014

Camp Hardknock or Bust!

I think it was their 2nd or 3rd session of camp that I started going to Camp Hardknock. It was winter camp and I remember the giant pond that was pure ice and being able to ice fish and ice skate. I remember we had an avalanche so we all had to leave our cabins in the middle of the night, half asleep, but chaperoned by the safety of our counselors, as we headed to an underground shelter much like something you would see the president run to. There were bunks lining the walls and center of the bunker and we "slept" there til it was safe. I say "slept" because no one really slept, there was just too much excitement and worry from the avalanche. What if we were stuck there forever!? Who would save us!? Would we have to live on Mr Gattz's cardboard pancakes forever (read: we already do so that wouldn't be much different.)

Photo credit goes to Marianne McCann who does a WONDERFUL
job at showing what the kid world is like!
Just from that little snippet above I hope you are able to see some of why SL kids LOVE Camp Hardknock. We lose sleep over worrying whether or not we will make it through registration (because to make camp the most enjoyable there is a limit of kids and honestly everyone who has been to camp will agree (I assume). Then that sigh of relief as we see our payment go through just before the 1st or 2nd registration cut off of campers. I wouldn't doubt if many cried tears of joy! The Directors (the Gilmans) and the co-directors, and the counselors all do a wonderful job of making this the most looked forward to experience an SL kid has (I'm not kidding...the timer for the next camp session starts the moment camp is over).


Mommy had me help her get the mail today (sometimes I like to help you know). I can't read too well so I couldn't tell you what all we got today but it was probably mostly bills. I've never seen mommy so happy about mail. As we got inside I was about to go back and play in my room when she told me to hold on a minute. I watched her sort through mail, mumbling which was junk and which was bills, and which was that new awesome zombie shooting magazine she had been waiting for. When she was done she had one in her hand left that she handed to me and told me to open it. I was sceptical at first because I don't want to pay bills! I turned it over and saw my name on it though (I can't mistake that part) and quickly ripped it open. I am honestly not sure what the rest said because I saw the Camp Hardknock Logo and instantly knew what it was. I WAS GOING TO CAMP!


Camp isn't til the 12th but I didn't waste anytime packing. I threw everything I had into a suitcase and attempted to close it with no luck. Mommy came in and explained that I can't bring the cat, or my candy stash, or collection of empty shoe boxes. I reluctantly put most of it back (you knew I wasn't putting all the candy back right?) and was able to finish packing. I waited by the door and mommy had to explain to me again that there was still a week left and I would have to eat, sleep, bathe, and use the bathroom still. She said she wanted to spend as much time with me as possible and to not rush camp because I would miss her and she would miss me even though we know i will be having so much fun.


I will only have two more blog posts before camp, one for Wimey, and one showing my blog vacation for a week. But you can look forward to a camp post afterwards!! Check the credits below for pose and outfit info you don't want to miss for your own photos! Check out the camp store too if you are headed to camp so you can get some awesome things for yourself and your bunk!



<3 Audra Graves


Dress: Dash of Dulce - Shy Dress - Woodland Treasures Gatcha
Shoes: CutieCakes - Hawaiian Sneaks Pink (Gacha) - All The Little Things
Hair: Truth - Evelyn - Reds (cherry)
Nail Polish: Lil Smartie Pants - Pastel Nails (yellow)
Suitcase in last 2 photos): GlamRus Kidz - Olaf RARE Suitcase (Can be found at Camp Store)


Photo 2: GlamRus Kidz - My Letter (Can be found at Camp Store)
Photo 3: Lil Smartie Pants: Camp Acceptance Pose 3 (Letter not included) (Can be found at the Camp Store)
Photo 4: GlamRus Kidz - One Last Moment (Can be found at Camp Store)
Photo 5: GlamRus Kidz - Nessy (5) (Can be found at Camp Store)

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