Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Timey Wimey Stuff

Things I love about Wimey: Everything
Things I hate about Wimey: Nothing


Wimey participated in Rhapsody (which ends on July 12th btw) this time around. They were given jazz and what cool things were made? See that Jazz sign above my head and the headpiece I am wearing? Those are both items you can get at Rhapsody made by Wimey! I love flapper girls and the roaring 20s (Seriously, I listen to Electro Swing and Speakeasy Jazz in real life)! Seeing the headband, I wanted to set up a photo that looked like I was headed to an event in the time period of one of my favorite genres. If you click the image above you can see it larger to check out the details of the headband better. To get this look, see the bottom of the post.

Wimey is also participating in "Oh My Gacha!" which ends on July 15th. For this event, Wimey, made some tote bags! 



There are way more than I represented above. The ones I am wearing above show off my fandoms: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and The Fault in Our Stars. There are other Harry Potter totes that represent the other houses and you will even find Game of Thrones and Star Wars tote bags. You should head on over and try your luck!

One more blog post before Camp! To get these looks, check out the info below!

<3 Audra Graves


- Picture One:

Sign: Wimey - Neon Jazzy Guide (found at Rapsody until July 12th)
Headband: Wimey - Love is the Drug Headband (found at Rapsody until July 12th)
Hair: Truth - Fernanda (reds)
Dress: Des Lunes - White Summer Dress (Found at Family Flea Market)
Shoes: Larnia Kids - (part of) Snowflake Sweetie
Necklace: Yummy - Bombshell Beads (cherry)

- Picture 2 & 3 collages

Bags (in order top left to bottom right): (all found at Oh My Gacha event) Wimey - Spoilers, Allons-y, Blue Box, Geronimo, Some Infinites, More Problems, Okay, & Loyal
Shirt: Dappers & Darlings - Stick With Pointy End
Hair: Truth - Danni (cherry)
Pants: Minuet - Flare Jeans (light)
Shoes: Amala - Jellies Licorice (found at The Chapter Four)

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