Monday, June 9, 2014

Bonsai Madness


As Always, Arcade is huge again! I expected to have a huge list but never expected it to be as long as it was this round! I've spent a LOT of money already and i am not even done!

Mad Peas is participating and this round of The Arcade and for their gacha they have released some Bonsai Trees. There 16 different trees to collect, and 2 of them are rare (the tall ones shown behind me). They are all low Li (1-3). There are 8 Pairs total so when you get 2 of a pair they react to each other and play a melody! It's actually really cool! I wanted to find a way to show you all but all i have is a grainy Gyazo Gif so I hope it helps!

(I'm still working on my glow settings sorry!)

The Gacha is 50L a play so go have fun!!

<3 Audra Graves

What I wore:
Cardigan: Little Closet - Cardi Combo - Marshmallow (no shirt)
Shirt: Little Closet - Basic Tees (Mint)
Shorts: Des Lunes - Reg Denim Shorts
Sandals: Noodles - Anchors Away Sandals - Mint (C88)
Hair/hat: LaViere - Daisy (Saffron) (comes with HUD to change hat texture)
Doge: Alchemy - Doge French Bulldog - Hoodie - Pink Hot Donna (The Chapter Four)
Nails: Lil Smartie Pants - Pastel Nails Set (HUD)

Bonsais above:
(All from The Arcade)
Hizashi RARE
Tsukikage RARE

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