Friday, September 26, 2014

Home and Garden Expo On the Fly

I am so behind you guys! I fly out tonight and I hadn't gotten my HGE post done yet! I am so honored to be blogging for them and I panicked because I want to blog for them again! So I am trying! There will only be a HGE link because I want to get credits to you! Take the main link and you can get the info to see the stores! There are maps! Go! It ends the 29th!

Here is the main Landmark to get you started at Home and Garden Expo: CLICK ME
There you can find maps and LMs and event info! There is even a hunt! Donation items go to benefit RFL! So it's for a good cause!

(Click the pictures for larger view)






Thaino Designs - The Dreamers Home (RFL Donation at HGE)

The Loft - Gerzzo Cart Green
Alouette - Potted Daises
Intrigue Co. - Cubimals Series 2: Fox
Floorplan - Sparkle Wall Frame
Myrrine - Paper Wings Dream
High v. - Framed Art Dreams 3 (Found at Neverland Events)
Cleo Designs - Noteboard (HGE)
US Design - Girly Desk (HGE)
Half Deer - Painted Log Slice Good Morning
Half Deer - Painted Log Slice Artist at heart
Culprit - Skinny Shelf
MishMish - Kitty in Honolulu
MishMish - Kitty in New York
Half Deer - Forest's Tale Ruffle McFeathers the Grey Owl (Sept. Arcade)
MishMish - Kitty in Paris
MishMish - Kitty in London
Wimey - Musical Candle Holder
Brixley - Framed Poster Wear Pink
Second Spaces - Nellie Office Ladder 
Wimey - The Lost Mine's Golden Treasure
Myrrine - Heart wall Lights
Floorplan - Always Print
Floorplan - Wanderlust Print
Ionic - Not all those who wander are lost (frames)
Pilot - Heirloom Hutch Waves
Intrigue Co. - Cubimals Series 2: Sloth
Kalopsia - Squirrel planter 1
Atomic - Arggg Pirates! Black: Mermaid
MishMish - A Baby Plant A
Ispachi - The Arrival: the wisest Owl
MishMish - Proper Care of Owls book
MishMish - Tawny Owl
R(S)W - Dragonfly Dragon
Aria - Gretchen dry leaves shadow box pair 1
Kalopsia - Bunny dominos

PICTURE B (Just middle to left hand side)
US Design - Home Sweet H Sign (HGE)
Thea Maiman - Laundry Art No.2 RARE
Vespertine - Wall Hanger /shine
Apple Fall - Poppies glazed Vase
One Eleven - My Pal Tanuki
Johadez -  WallArt "dead tree" (HGE)
Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Bookworm Shelf (HGE)
Kalopsia - Bird Planter 1
Larnia Kids - Little Wooden House Clutter

tea.s - Chateau de Barbe-Bleue (flame)
Dekute Dekore - Stacked books table Bleached (HGE)
Dekute Dekore - Bean Bag Chair Pastels (HGE)
Theosophy - Alpaca (Bowpaca)
Half Deer - Kerfluffle Sheep II Writer (Sept. Arcade)
What Next - Fox Malmo Chair (Sept. Arcade)
Floorplan - Mr Darcy Print
Floorplan - Reader Print
Revival - Kiss & Hug Sign (put out 2 of these) (HGE)
Brixley - Framed Poster Magic
High V - Framed Art Dreams 4 (Neverland Events)

Agent Orange - "A" Alphabet Pillow (OLD)
Apple Fall - A Font Frame (I Think HGE)
Seven Emporium - Lightbox Letter A (wall)
Commoner - Monogram Wall Banner /A (Sept. Arcade)
Minuet - Personalized Frame
Floorplan - Film lot Sign
Seven  Emporium - Lightbox Letter - A(floor)
Half Deer - Painted Log slice White-tailed Deer
Half Deer - Painted Log Slice Black Bear
Art Dummy - summertide (sofa, white ticking)
Boogers - Snooze Bear (Sept. Arcade)
R(S)W - Open Book King Arthur (HGE)
Aria - Gretchen Big Cloche with pinecones 1 (Sept. Arcade)
Cleo Designs - Table & Folded throw
Tarte - Wagon Wheel Light Maple (Sept. Arcade)
Vespertine - Framed Leaves Secret prize (Sept. Arcade)
Dekute Dekore - Stacked Books Lamp Pastels (HGE)
Floorplan - I love you Canvas
Myrrine - Shabby chic wall deco - leaning
Hideki - Record Crate
Pilot - Fireplace with Logs
Pilot - Pumpkins & Candles
La Galleria - Fall Branch Wall Decore

R(S)W - Farm Chair - Eyeback (HGE)
Rusalka - Bistro Table (HGE)
US Design - French Weekend Tray (HGE)
Hideki - bar counter
R(S)W - Deviled Eggs
Floorplan - Vintage Milk Caddy
Floorplan - Recipe Tin
R(S)W Cookie Tin - Picturebook (HGE)
TBF - Retro Radio
Second Spaces - Well-Stocked pantry Chalkboard

<3 Audra Graves

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